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Celebrating “W3 Women Who Win”

Celebrating The Kingdom Women That God Strategically Put in My Life As My Ministry To Them (“Faith Sustainers” Widow Ministry) & Their Ministry To Me. Bless God!

I remember that year how God strategically gave me several widow mothers to build relationships with as I was just simply working a day job. The relationships that developed were so mutually sustaining and abundant, precious & rewarding, and came at a very critical time in my journey. These “Wonderful Women” had such common testimonies that have revealed so much to me over the years. 

Common Experiences:

  • They spent more years as widows then they did married to their husbands
  • They accepted the call for the Lord to be their Husband & Provider
  • They Love the Lord (even Ma who went home to be with Him) with all their heart
  • They honor(ed) God, His Word, & His Kingdom
  • They are (were) powerful ministers of His grace
  • Their Speech, Preaching, Speaking, revealed that they had a quietness about them, a quiet place with God, “A Secret Place”
  • They understood the Power of Womanhood in God’s Purpose

I have no idea why God in recent years has called me to care for the condition of society from a focus on the “Power of Kingdom Women”. I have to be obedient. Trust me, I don’t believe like some that women aren’t called to speak, preach, and prophesy. Women being used in these ways have been powerfully demonstrated throughout scripture. So, with grace I tell those who believe otherwise to study all the scriptures concerning women. 

I’m not using this post  to go through a study on women at this time to prove the previous statement, but I want to encourage you “Kingdom Women” with one of the common and most  powerful attributes that my “Faith Sustainers” operated in all of their outer expressions from. 

“The Place Of Quietness”! Some of you will hear the Lord in this and will be expediently blessed in your surrender. Remembering Ma. She passed on to be with the Lord, but the whole town of Brownsville from the oldest to the youngest school age child that was graced with encounters with her will never forget her. Her healing, delivering, preaching ministry, in the streets, at the bus stops, off her porch, in the bars & clubs, up to her homecoming, was only the demonstration of one secret, called the “Secret Place” (Matthew 6:6).

She didn’t only exemplify God’s “(W3) Women Who Win)”, She exemplified God’s “(W5) Women Who Win Without Words). This doesn’t mean that she didn’t speak, preach (even was ordained and no one knew she had papers), she was humble, but powerful. She was in her 90s, but had an embracing prayer grip that imparted evident grace to the ones she prayed for. What was seen, heard, and demonstrated in the physical was a result of her ability to yield to the power of the grace to first “Win Without Words”. I truly believe this was the saving net that God was always expressing from the beginning and throughout the scriptures (from Eve, to Esther, to Mary, and …).

Listen, this may be difficult to receive for some, but God gave us all a protective “Coverings”. Submit to it and be blessed. Yes He called you to speak, preach, prophesy, decree, declare, and whatever else. However, He did not call any of us, male or female, to be loose cannons without strategies of love. The covering of quietness is what made the “Godly Kingdom Women of the Bible and throughout history who they were and are for His glory! This was something that had to be learned and yielded to from the beginning (ask Eve, Esther, Mary & Martha….).

So in short, I thank you and encourage all you “Kingdom Daughters of God” who are and have been learning to yield to His Word & Presence (Genesis 3:16, 1 Corinthians, 14:34-37, 1 Timothy, 2:9-14, Luke 10:42) as the “One” and most critical part of your lives, relationships, and ministries. The amazing thing is that this powerful expression that spiritual women of God are called to, is transferable to the faith of men, sons, & daughters through God’s. God will birth and raise mature kingdom children through your examples (Genesis 3:16). 

Lastly “W3 & W5”, I applaud and honor you in the Lord as desperately needed examples to our generation. May God increase you and your light in Jesus name!

During the process of laying the foundation of the “ (W3) Living Kingdom Harvest” Digital Course, I’ve been blessed to be connected to some of those special “W3” Women of God. I believe together we can build a wonderful course along with you who may feel led to participate in this organic project. If so, inbox me to set up a call and see how we can work together!

W3 Living Kingdom Harvest Course For Women / WWW (Women Who Win)

I want to help many women operate in their inherited kingdom life, win many victories as found in scriptures, and take hold of their value in the earth as honorable vessels of the King!

“A Transformation course which is a gift to a women’s personal self, or a sponsorship from a mentor, friend, or spouse”

God Bless!

Timothy S. Lewis


Women Who Win Without Words

Women, Band Together


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