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“Living Kingdom Harvest Now” A Course For Your Course

Limited Kick Off Bonus Launch:

For the first 100 single course enrollments only! For everyone called to touch and change someone else’s lif(Destiny Helper Enrollment) with their purchase will automatically give access to a Future World Changer. I call this the “Perfect Match Made From Heaven” (Nehemiah, Isaiah 58:12). 

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“The Supernatural Life”Kingdom Of God With Power! — Victory_Walkers

“For the kingdom realm of God comes with power, not simply impressive words.”‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭4‬:‭20‬ ‭TPT‬‬ For SuprNtrl ministry appointments or fellowship find a forerunner or hub near you. Map us out @ God Bless! Timothy S Lewis “The Supernatural Life”Kingdom Of God With Power! — Victory_Walkers

Communion Glory Harvest — Ark-Ready News Updates

Grace & Peace! Glory Strategies Right now I am focusing on following God’s strategies by grace! Partnering with specific chosen leaders in the regions that are on my heart is why I’m to make these connections! This starts with partnering with prayer and imparting His heart for a unified Body in the earth (John 17). […]…

Celebrating “W3 Women Who Win”

Celebrating The Kingdom Women That God Strategically Put in My Life As My Ministry To Them (“Faith Sustainers” Widow Ministry) & Their Ministry To Me. Bless God! I remember that year how God strategically gave me several widow mothers to build relationships with as I was just simply working a day job. The relationships that…

“Living Kingdom Harvest Now! General Course “Deeply Rooted Foundations”

“Living Kingdom Harvest Now! General Course “Deeply Rooted Foundations” “Deeply Rooted” lives are essential and the non-negotiable principle that must be settled  prior to expansion. This will make acceleration a very pleasant journey & experience. The “Living Kingdom Harvest” Digital Course helps with this right from the start so that you can enjoy an enduring…


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