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Behold the Camels are Coming, and Delay Is Broken

The grace of these Kingdom Strategies, Principles, and Practices are unstoppable for completing assignments with success! Be Blessed, Our Father gave Abraham the promise of Isaac who would be the heir of the promise whom the Messiah would eventually come through.

In Genesis 24 Abraham was again doing His part by following instruction to keep the flow of the promise by sending His servant to bring back a wife for Isaac. In this section you will see the following; God giving Abraham’s instruction of blessing, the servant’s obedience, perseverance, and inquiry of the Lord for success, the servant’s will to break off Laban’s and Milkah’s spirit of control and delay (this was a pattern used against the promise), the ability to cause a release of favor and blessing from the hinderers, and how Isaac’s daily practice contributed to Him being comforted with the blessing (see if you can find what one of His major daily practices were in this scripture).

For you students, read through this portion and take note of these things and let the Lord bless you!. Share your thoughts.
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One response to “Behold the Camels are Coming, and Delay Is Broken”

  1. We must fellow what God wants us to do like what Abraham did we also see that Isaac respected his father that is why he married Rebekah the message was very encouraging


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